Categories & Criteria

All categories relate to European parks or attractions only. Best new rides/attractions must have opened since May 2018.

Large Theme Park of the Year

Theme park/amusement park – 1 million annual attendance and above

Family Park of the Year

Theme park/amusement park – below 1 million annual attendance

Waterpark of the Year

Indoor or outdoor

Seasonal Event of the Year

Halloween, Christmas or other special celebration, perhaps something unique to a particular park

Live Entertainment of the Year

Best new in-park show or spectacular

Roller Coaster of the Year

Best new steel, wood or hybrid rollercoaster

Thrill Ride of the Year

Including flat rides, spinning rides, tower rides etc. but not rollercoasters

Family Ride of the Year

Best new family or child-friendly attraction, including small rollercoasters

Water Ride of the Year 

Best new water ride (flume, raft ride etc.) in an amusement park/theme park

Waterpark Attraction of the Year

Best new waterslide or other attraction in a waterpark

Media-based Attraction of the Year

Best new 3D/4D/VR/AR experience, or any other attraction featuring media content as an integral part of the experience (including dark rides)

Themed Attraction of the Year

Best use of theming to elevate an attraction to more than just a ride system etc.

Best Ticketing & Access Control Product

Best new product designed to help operators manage and streamline their access control process

Best Use of Technology

Innovative application of technology within parks, not the whole attraction itself – please provide details when you nominate

Industry Icon

This special award will recognise an individual who has served the European attractions industry and played a significant role in its success

Nominees must meet the following criteria in order to be bestowed with the prestigious Industry Icon Award:

A clear commitment to working in the industry as a career.

Examples of going the extra ‘mile’ that results in outstanding performance.

Consistent application of good practice.

Excellence as a representative of the attractions industry to the customer and community.

High level of respect amongst colleagues and peers.

Undertaking training in subjects and skills relevant and helpful to their role.

Active membership of professional bodies and initiatives (associations, professional institutions, charities, etc).