How it works

The Park World Excellence Awards follows a simple 3 step process:


FINAL DEADLINE: Wednesday 14 October

During the entry stage, you can enter your company, one of your employees or yourself in the running to win any relevant award(s) via the simple online form.

Nominations are also highly encouraged so if you think that another company or professional deserves to be honoured, or you’ve enjoyed an unforgettable experience at an EMEA based attraction, make sure you put them forward for recognition at the Park World Excellence Awards.


For the best chance of winning, entries and nominations should include as much information and illustration as possible.

the judging stage

Following the entry deadline, each entry will be reviewed by the jury. Please note, if the relevant criteria is not met your application may not be considered.

Qualifying entries will then be put to the Park World Excellence Awards’ judging panel, who will review each application against a strict set of criteria and determine a shortlist – and ultimately the winner – in each category, based on the merit of the supporting information supplied.


The first ever virtual Park World Excellence Awards ceremony will be hosted right here on the dedicated awards site on Tuesday 8 December 2020.

As well as enabling the industry to celebrate the very best operators, manufacturers and entertainment specialists safely, the new digital format will enable even more professionals from across the EMEA to be a part of this prestigious ceremony.