• Bertazzon has been manufacturing equipment for the amusement industry since 1951. With all products manufactured in Italy and exported across the world, Bertazzon provides family-oriented amusement rides for both permanent and mobile installations.

    Bertazzon’s products are distinguished by a characteristic charm and are carefully styled and finished by expert craftsmen. They are fully manufactured in the firm’s own workshop by fully qualified personnel, thus ensuring maximum quality, safety and after-sales service.

    The company is best known for its unique Venetian Carousels featuring a wide range of horses, high-quality bumper cars, go-karts, and a wide selection of additional family-oriented amusement rides.

  • Digital Centre (DC) is a multinational global company with local factories and offices in the US and Europe, with a steady eye on Asia.

    Founded in 1997 with a main focus to manufacture first class PhotoBooths at affordable prices. Over the past 20 years, DC has positioned itself as a leader in the industry by offering innovative new ideas with supreme technology.

    At DC a skilled staff manages top-class factory with more than 100,000 sqf area. DC can produce more than 500 PhotoBooths a month. DC offers worldwide shipping as well as worldwide warranty and technical support. The company design, develop, manufacture, certify, and support the finest innovative PhotoBooths on the market.

    The innovative and extensive range of LED photo booths has revolutionized the industry and has shown futuristic photo booths highly equipped with the best technology and with a unique appeal.

    The LED award winning technology makes a much more profitable photo booth capturing the attention of more public. The new range of LED VideoWall PhotoBooths has received the best reviews from experts in the sector who have valued very positively the experience that the user lives when enjoying LED PhotoBooths of Digital Centre.

    The entertainment collection of Digital Centre PhotoBooths, are taking businesses a step ahead of the competition in innovation.

  • Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976 and has since grown into a leading company in the waterparks industry. Today, Polin is a world leader in the design, production and installation of waterparks, waterslides and water-play attractions. Polin has completed 3,000 waterpark projects in 105 countries around the world and is the biggest waterslide supplier in Eurasia. Working with a wide variety of clients has helped Polin reach several milestones including installing the first waterparks in many countries and many other award-winning rides at parks with world-renowned reputations.

    Polin has accomplished numerous milestones, including the installation of the first waterparks in many countries, as winning awards for rides world-renowned parks. We’re recognized for offering the industry’s widest range of products, including signature rides such as the patented King Cobra, Magic Spheres, Spheres, Magicone, Space Shuttle, Stardust and Storm Racer.

    Polin Waterparks is the only waterslide company in the world to produce all of its waterslides using RTM (resin transfer molding/close-molded production) via fully automated robots.
    The company maintains a leadership role in technology modernism within the aquatics industry by offering the greatest variety of slides that incorporate innovative gaming technologies.

  • Semnox provides superior, state of the art RFID based cashless and ticketing solutions for Family Entertainment Centers/Arcades, Water Parks, Theme parks, Adventure Parks, Food courts/Restaurants, Gyms and Health Clubs. Semonox products and solutions have been widely accepted by the market globally for its innovation adopting latest technology/trends and enhance based on customer requirements.

    Semnox provides a single comprehensive system providing 360 CRM capabilities allowing operators to treat especially their loyal customers through Loyalty, Membership & Rewards management, Promotions & Campaign Management and Business Analytics. The company strives to build world-class applications and products which have led to Semnox introducing several industry revolutions such as the world’s first tap to play readers, a fully integrated ticketing and mobile POS, Weatherproof (IP65) Readers, Machine Maintenance and Profitability etc.

    Parafait has won the ‘Innovative product of the year’ award at the annual conference in 2009, 2013 , 2014 and 2016. Semnox works with 350+ clients, operates in more than 1400 sites across 40+ countries providing an integrated all-in-one solution for its clients.

  • Based at the beautiful Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, the wiegand.maelzer GmbH is the only company worldwide to provide water attractions in fiber glass reinforced plastic and stainless steel, even combining the two materials by certain attractions.

    With its 40 years of experience wiegand.maelzer stands for individuality, tailor-made solutions, innovation and creativity. This results in constant improvement of our attractions and in most unique products such as the world’s first SlideWheel and Virtual Reality for waterslides.

    Themed Entertainment Association names 4 of our partners within the 10 most successful waterparks in Europe and the Middle East in its Global Attendance Report from 2018. Therme Erding, Nettebad Osnarbrück, Tropical Islands as well as Aquapalaz Prague even made it to the Top 20 worldwide!

    We are proud to sell exactly those interesting water attractions and innovations which will result in high frequency of guests. And this in the most confined spaces if necessary!

    All of our products are subject to constant and strict quality control measures which guarantee the highest safety standard combined with the well-known “made-in-Germany” quality. 

    More than 300 employees in Germany are committed to providing the best possible services for our clients worldwide!

  • Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Belgium, Europe, Alterface operates globally with US office and Asian branches in Beijing and Xiamen, China. The Alterface team creates and builds turnkey interactive mixed-media attractions for dark rides, spinning & duelling theaters and walkthroughs. These are customized to local cultures and traditions, offering high quality standards and an unrivalled support system.

    Alterface offers creative services and advanced technologies including the patented show control system Salto!, NOMAD wireless pointing & shooting, non-linear Erratic® Ride and proprietary IP Popcorn Revenge®.

    Visitors can enjoy Alterface rides in Walibi Belgium, Warner Bros. World, Jardin d’Acclimatation, Legendia, Qingdao Wanda, Phantasialand, Six Flags, Lego Discovery Centers, Cedar Fair, Carowinds, Ferrari World, IMG, Lotte World, Yumiyuri land, Hub Zero, Comics Station Antwerp and many more.

    Alterface received in 2018 multiple awards for its Bazyliszek ride in Legendia Poland: THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement, European Star Awards, Park World Excellence Awards and Parkscout Awards. Furthermore the Asian Attraction Golden Crown Outstanding Major/Family Ride Supplier Awards.